Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

4 minutes to read | Updated for 2018

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Bottom Line

The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap is a great trap for people wanting to get rid of the rodents in their home without dealing with hard to use snap traps and potentially dangerous toxic bait products. Furthermore, the long life of the batteries makes this an economic solution for dealing with rodent infestations. Our main recommendation would be to make sure that you are not trying to use an electronic mouse trap when dealing with rats and vice versa as this will compromise the efficiency of the product.


  • Quick kill without mess or poison
  • Discard dead mice without seeing them
  • Alerts when a dead mouse is inside
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Considered the most humane kill
  • Economical
  • Battery operated
  • Reusable


  • Mice may escape
  • Larger mice may survive shock

When it comes to getting rid of the vermin from our homes, there often seems to be no good option.

Traditional snap traps are often either ineffective or they leave a mess that we would prefer to simply not touch. The idea of baiting several areas of our home with strong, chemical poisons never seems like a very good idea, especially if we have kids or pets that are curious.

Therefore, electronic mouse traps offer an alternative way to both kill rodents without the mess or the potential dangers associated with toxic rodent bait. Victor is one of the most trusted names is rodent pest control and below we offer a complete review of the electronic mouse trap that they offer.

What is the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap?

The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap uses advanced smart circuit technology that will only begin to emit electric pulses when it detects a mouse or a rat inside the confines of the trap. Essentially, this trap kills mice and rats through electrocution.

The high-voltage shocks that activate when a rodent enters the trap and stands on the metal plates are strong enough and effective enough to kill a mouse or rat in just five seconds.

The electricity for the advanced smart circuit technology is provided by batteries, which you will have to provide. However, each charge of AA batteries will supposedly last long enough to kill upwards of 100 rats or mice. It is important to note as well, that the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap is only designed for use with mice. If you have a problem with rats, you will need to choose a specially designed electronic rat trap that is also provided by Victor.

Lastly, the beveled column design on the interior part of the electric mouse trap is specifically designed so that the mice are not able to escape during the discharge of voltage. The small tunnel design makes it hard for children or pets to receive an unwanted shock by sticking curious hands into the trap.

How to Use the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

As we mentioned above, the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap works by killing mice through electric voltage. Batteries provide this electric current. Victor manufacturers several different types and models of electronic mouse traps, all of which run on different types of batteries. The M-2425, for example, runs on four AA batteries.

After inserting the batteries, you will want to bait the trap with some sort of food-based bait that will attract the mice into the chamber. This could be cheese, peanut butter, tuna, etc. Once the trap is baited, place along the wall, preferably where you have seen mice. Mice usually stay along the walls of a home to go between their nest and their preferred feeding areas.

By placing a trap in between these two areas, you will maximize the number of mice you can target. Flip the switch to on once it is baited and in place. Make sure that while baiting and handling the trap it is in off position to avoid any unpleasant shocks. When a rodent is killed, a light will alert you to the presence of the dead mouse. Simply flip the switch to off, and dispose of the rodent in the trashcan without ever touching it.

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