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Bottom Line

The main takeaway from the Termidor Spray is that it is strong and effective at eliminating termites in hard to reach places. The foam is intended for more severe infestations, and it kills termites directly on contact and takes out the entire colony as it works its way through.

In addition to providing the immediate relief, you get the residual effect over time of having the foam soak into the infestation area and preventing termites from wanting to build a colony in there. The foam kills termites in all stages of life and should only require one treatment of the entire aerosol can eliminate the whole problem.

The spray is harsh and has a strong odor, so it is intended for outdoor use and in wall cavities only because you do not want to expose children or pets to this foam. That is just one of the trade-offs that you get with a robust industrial strength termite killer used by professionals.

If you are looking for a product that is going to get the job done every time and even provide you with a long-term preventative method against termites, then the Termidor Foam is a solid choice for you.

Pests.org Rating

Ease of Use
Long Term Effects


  • Effective way to eliminate termites
  • Great for spot treatment
  • Easy to get into tough to reach places
  • Hose allows you to spray directly into holes
  • Safe for use around food and sanitary areas
  • Foam expands when sprayed so you do not waste any
  • Excellent reputation
  • Works on a wide variety of other insects as well
  • Low cost solution to a costly pest
  • Cheaper and just as effective as a exterminator
  • You get a lot in each can


  • Cannot be used indoors
  • Toxic and not safe around pets or children




  • Lost cost way to eliminate termites
  • Kills wasps and hornets on contact
  • Works on ants and other insects as well
  • Professional quality product
  • Kills on contact


  • Termidor Foam
  • Contains 532.32 milliliters
  • 18 ounce bottle
  • Aerosol Can
  • Comes with actuator to insert into holes and other tough to reach places
  • Can weighs 1.5 pounds
  • Contains .05% Fipronil
  • For outdoor use only
  • Great for spot treatments

Our Review

This professional grade termite killer has an extremely high reputation as a cheap and effective way of eliminating termites for good. Termites are a costly pest to play around with, so you want to have the best product on your side, and that’s why we chose Termidor Foam as our best termite killer of 2018.

Kills On Contact

Termites tend to live in large colonies similar to ants, and they function in a lot of the same ways, so it’s essential that you do not miss any when you are trying to eliminate them. Termites are incredibly evasive and can quickly move to another nest if you are not careful. Termidor foam sweeps in using the actuator, so there is no escape once the foam penetrates the nest. This makes it impossible for any number of termites to survive and as a result, you do not have to deal with a re-infestation any time soon.

One Can Does The Job

Once you locate the nest and you are ready to take it out one can will always finish the job. The 18-ounce aerosol can take down the entire nest, and that’s important, so you do not let any escape. Once the termites start surviving and escaping you are opening yourself back up to another infestation somewhere else.

Long-Term Protection

The area that you are treating worked great once for the termites, so it would most likely work again if they wanted to build up the colony in there again. Since you sprayed Termidor Foam into that hole, you will not have to deal with another infestation there again. The foam provides long-term protection because it soaks down into the porous material that attracted the termites and prevents them from ever re-entering.

Our Experience

We were somewhat skeptical about killing termites with an over the counter product because this is a job that is always left to the professionals, but we kept an open mind. After researching into Termidor and finding out that they are a professional company with a lot of high-quality products we decided to give the termite foam a shot.

This is the stuff the professionals use themselves, and it worked quickly and easily. The nozzle on the aerosol can fit right into the hole we drilled, and there was no escape from there. After a few days, we noticed there were no pellets or soot around our deck anymore.

This spray is very harsh and has a strong odor, but it is meant to get the job done. We do not recommend using this product indoors unless you are spraying it directly into the walls and nothing will be seeping out because the odor is pretty intense.

One of the best things about this spray is the residual effect that it has on the colony. Spraying the foam into the hole is a great way to ensure that you will not deal with an infestation anywhere near it.

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