Rat X Rat Poison Review

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Bottom Line

The overall reviews of RatX Non-Toxic Rat and Mouse Killer are definitely more on the average side, but with a bit of creativity, you can still use this product to eradicate a rodent problem without harsh poisons. The complete lack of poisoning risk to pets and children make this product worth a shot.

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Ease of Use
Clean up


  • Safe around humans, pets, and other wildlife
  • Affordable compared to other rat poisons
  • The one-pound bag is an excellent size to get you started without too much extra
  • Due to pellet-sized bait, this product can be used in combination with other lures to encourage consumption
  • Pellets can be poured directly into rat and mouse burrow holes
  • Can be spread along fence and house lines where rodents most often run
  • No concern over poisoning pets
  • Can even be used in kitchens and restaurants near food handling areas


  • Lots of reviews state it does not work, so there is no guarantee it will be successful on its own
  • Claims to be “humane” rat bait, but still kills rodents by dehydration




  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for pet owners
  • Can be used without bait stations
  • Safe for food handling areas


  • Active ingredient: sodium chloride
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for pet owners
  • One-pound bag of pellets

Our Review

RatX claims these pellets pose zero chance of harming any animals aside from small rodents. If you have pets, children, or even birds of prey around such as eagles, this is an excellent product to try before using severe poisons. There is also no danger of contaminating crops or food sources.

Moreover, this product is entirely biodegradable leaving behind no environmental pollution. Costing under $20 for a full pound of these pellets, this is an affordable option to try first when you consider the low risk to the environment.

How It Works

RatX Pellets are made from natural ingredients. So, this product can be used inside food preparation facilities. The rodents will eat the pellets, and the sodium chloride in Rat X will result in dehydration. Rats and mice sensors in their digestive system to alert them when they’re thirsty. When the rodents eat this bait, it switches off these sensors, and so their brain stops signaling the sensation of thirst.

The premise is that they will stop feeling the need to drink water, will return to burrows, and die of dehydration. Note: this will not kill moles, gophers, and moles as RatX claims they have a different type of digestive track.

Less Odor

Eradicating rodents by dehydration can eliminate odor after they are killed by up to 90 percent, as it partially “mummifies” the bodies. If you have ever tried rodent poison before, or even found a dead animal in your attack or yard, you know how awful the stench can be.

The drying out process of the bodies eliminates a lot of the smell issue, which can make clean up far more comfortable. If you get nauseous easily with smells, this is a notable benefit.

Can Be Mixed with Lure or Other Methods

One nice aspect of the RatX pellets is that you can easily combine them with additional lures, such as peanut butter, to encourage rats to eat the product. If you don’t feel the pellets are working fast enough, you can also combine it with another type of poison (just use caution as many rodenticides require bait stations). Some customers used snap traps in combination with these pellets.

General User Experience

Many customers stated that their infestations of rats and mice either did not find the pellets appealing or that they ate the bait but remained alive and well. Some users combined the product as a lure to snapping traps to kill rodents immediately. In a sense, utilizing a snap trap with these pellets might be an even more humane solution so long as the snap kills the rat or mouse instantly.

Reviews are quite mixed on the effectiveness of this product. However, part of the ineffective reviews could be due to the usage of the product and whether directions were followed precisely. With the variety of sizes available, the low cost of RatX, and the non-toxic benefits, this rodenticide is definitely worth a shot before jumping to more extreme poisons.

Our Experience

During initial days of use, the rodents are seen a bit more often as the product makes them sluggish and slower to scurry away. RatX claims the dehydration process slowly causes the rats and mice to fall asleep, then slip into a coma, followed by death.
So, slower movement can be expected, and you might initially think the product is doing nothing. Give it time. This process is supposedly not painful for the animals. However, considering any testing done on rats happened to rodents, not humans, it is not 100 percent proven that no pain is involved.

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