Macrotermes Bellicosus Termites

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Insects, including termites, are the most successful group of animals in the world today. Termites have been on Earth for over 50 million years.

Some of their fossils date back to the Oligocene, Eocene, and Miocene periods. They have evolved into many different species. As of 1995, there were approximately 2,753 valid names of termite species in 285 genera around the world. The word “termites” comes from the Latin tarmes, a word given to a small worm that makes holes in wood.

Macrotermes bellicosus is an African mound-building termite. It has a highly developed social caste system which includes workers, soldiers, and reproductives. M. bellicosus contributes to the ecosystem by advancing the decomposition process. In spite of its many predators, it has survived to become an important part of the African ecosystem.


Kingdom – Animalia
Phylum – Arthropoda
Class – Insecta
Subclass – Pterygota
Order – Isoptera
Suborder – Fontanella
Subdivision – Longiprocta
Superfamily – Termitoidea
Family – Termitidae
Subfamily – Macrotermitinae
Genus – Macrotermes
Species – bellicosus

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