Best Mosquito Barriers

9 minutes to read | Updated for 2018

Mosquitos can certainly be a nuisance around your home. A swarm of hungry mosquitos buzzing incessantly in your ear can ruin those perfect summer evenings dining outside on the deck. If mosquitos do end up getting into your home, chances are that you will end up losing a bit of sleep due to their constant buzzing in your ears. Fortunately, the best mosquito barriers are a natural and effective option to keep mosquitos away from your home.

While most of the dangerous and potentially life-threatening diseases transmitted by mosquitos are confirmed to countries with a tropical climate, the recent Zika scare in places like South Florida and other hot and humid areas of the country with short, mild winters just goes to show how serious mosquito bites can be. With climate change poised to bring warmer weather into the northern hemisphere, the possibility of tropical, mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and the Chikungunya virus making its way to the North American continent is certainly a possibility.

In this short article, we will offer a complete review of the top mosquito barrier products on the market today. Then, we will first look at some of the negative aspects of chemical repellents that so many people use to deal with mosquitos in and around their home. Finally, we will take an in-depth look at mosquito barriers, a natural repellent that combines effectiveness and safety to deal with mosquito infestations.

There are several different mosquito barrier products marketed by different companies. We will look at the top four products that you can easily find online or at your local hardware store.

Top Rated Mosquito Barriers

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  • All natural formula derived from garlic
  • safe to bees and butterflies
  • Works on ticks too
  • Can be modified to work on mosquito larvae


  • Not ready to use, must dilute
  • Application lasts about 30 days


  • Convenient, ready to use
  • Attaches to garden hose
  • Covers up to 10,000ft (64 oz)
  • Effective against ticks and fleas


  • May affect other insects such as bees
  • Requires dry time


  • Suitable for organic farming
  • Safe around people and pets
  • Low chemical smell of odor


  • Not ready to use
  • Requires sprayer


  • Treats up to 4000 sq ft
  • Begins working in one hour
  • Natural active ingredients
  • Available in 5 and 25 Ib pails


  • Not for sale in California
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